About Your Sculpture

Your Sculpture is a national project to transform the way people access and learn about sculpture.

The UK holds arguably the finest national sculpture collection in the world drawn from almost every country and era, offering insights into cultures as diverse as 12th-century Nigeria, Victorian Britain, Tokugawa-period Japan, Renaissance Italy and 1960s New York. It ranges from monuments to sporting achievements and heroic acts to votive figures from Tibet, busts of Scottish Enlightenment figures and the Angel of the North, all of which tell stories relevant to Britain’s heritage today.

Sadly, a significant proportion is hidden away and lacks records, images and online access. Many public monuments are not fully recorded and are at risk. Your Sculpture will create a comprehensive photographic and information audit of UK public sculptures, enabling collections to provide online access to their works and people to engage with them.

The project will encourage existing, new and diverse audiences to share knowledge, exchange opinions and visit objects, both in-person and online, through a free, sustainable, participatory website, and discover the extraordinary sculpture they own. Extensive training and volunteering activities will be available throughout the project.

Funding for the Development Phase of the Your Sculpture project has been received from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), the Henry Moore Foundation and the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association.

The PCF has received a first-round pass from the HLF for the Your Sculpture project, demonstrating that that they believe that the project has potential to deliver high-quality outcomes and value for Lottery money. A first-round pass is recognition that the HLF values the proposals and want to have the opportunity to assess them in detail at the second round. A first-round pass does not guarantee that we will receive a grant. The Development Phase of the Your Sculpture project will run during 2015, in advance of a second-round application to the HLF at the end of 2015. If this application is successful, the Your Sculpture project Delivery Phase will commence in 2016.

To read the HLF Your Sculpture press release, click here.

Your Sculpture is managed by the Public Catalogue Foundation in partnership with the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association, the BBC, Culture Street and Oxford University’s Visual Geometry Group.

This blog will provide updates on progress throughout the Development Phase as we work towards our round-two application, as well as posts on interesting sculptures we encounter during our research. Most posts will be by Katey Goodwin, Your Sculpture Project Manager, with input from project staff and our partners.



3 thoughts on “About Your Sculpture”

  1. This is an interesting and valuable project. I came to this page hoping to learn how, as a photographer, I might volunteer to contribute. But sadly I can see no way to contact the project team to make myself available….
    Maybe someone will respond to this post…


    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your message. We have just started working on the project, so we are not yet recruiting volunteers, but we will be in a few months’ time once we have set everything up

      If you’d like to be involved please subscribe to our newsletter where we will be announcing volunteering opportunities as and when they arise and we will also be providing updates of the project’s progress.

      You can subscribe to our newsletter here: https://artuk.org/about/subscribe-to-newsletter

      I have made a note of your details as well.

      Thank you for your interest in our project.

      Best wishes,


  2. As a public sculptor I have works not mentioned yet on your website. ‘Seeds of Hope’ at Guildford Cathedral. ”Oranges and Lemons’ at Ramster Gardens, Surrey. ‘Diving In’ at Sports Hall of Guildford University. ‘ People of Guildford’ at Station View in Guildford. ‘Ian Ricketts’ GSA Guildford. ‘We Carried the Flame’ BT Tower, London. Thank you for featuring ‘Winning Shot’ in Woking.
    ‘Sprint’ has now been installed in Hong Kong.


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